From Monica Biswas

I just heard a quote this weekend that I had never heard before:

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK had numerous defeats over the course of his civil rights journey.  Like him, we must overcome our profound disappointment to go on.  That starts with Love.

Love for yourself— Do what will make you feel better:  Scream, Sing, Cry, Dance(!), Hit balls at the batting cages.  Reach out to allies and friends and let them support you.
Love for those around you, who support you.  Thank those who are lending you a shoulder to cry on, liquor to drown your sorrows in, or inspiration to get out of bed in the morning.  We cannot do this alone – it truly takes a village.
Love for those who do not support you.  We are all connected, whether we agree or not.  We will need them, and at some point, they will need us.  Keep that in mind when you are considering whether or not to unfriend FB friends.   If you feel strong enough, listen to them and hear what is in their heart.  If they are harassing you, or putting you down, then go back to the first point:  Love for yourself.

Then we go on to fighting for the things we believe in.  I feel fortunate to have found this Starfish community —  it truly inspires in me infinite hope to know that we are connected in our passion for dance, and a passion for creating an inclusive and respectful world.